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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the color matched caulk and the laminate repairer product? FormFill Adhesive & Caulk is a water based acrylic product used in most interior caulking applications. The product remains flexible to withstand expansion or contraction in most weather conditions. The caulk is also an adhesive used to glue two pieces of countertop together. FormFill Laminate Repairer is a solvent based product that is durable and designed only for stationary areas (i.e.. chips on the deck of the countertop, filling deck seams, etc...).

Will FormFill Products repair burned countertops? Probably not satisfactorily.

What if I don't know the color name or the name of the company that manufactured my countertop? The best way to handle this dilemma is to go to any local home improvement store or local countertop dealer. They will have sample chips of all the colors offered. Find a chip that matches your countertop and use the part number or name to find the correct FormFill number. Most of the major countertop manufacturers also have pictures of all the colors on their web sites.

What about surface scratches? FormFill Laminate Repairer is not appropriate to fill in surface scratches. The product adheres to the substrate of the countertop which is usually dark brown in color.

How large a repair is possible with FormFill Laminate Repairer? Any repair larger than 1/4" x 1/4" is going to be very difficult to repair and other options would have to be considered at that point.

What is FormFill Solvent? FormFill Solvent is 100% Acetone. It is required when working with FormFill Laminate Repairer. It is used in preparing the surface, cleaning, and leveling the repair.

What if my countertop is a pattern or wood grain finish? FormFill Products offers exact matches to solid colors and will match the base color in wood grain and pattern finishes.

Will this $15 tube of goop make my horribly disfigured countertop look brand spanking new? No. Plastic laminate countertops aren't really "repairable". FormFill does a fantastic job of camoflaging the damage, but it won't make an invisible repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

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