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Glass Wax / NoStreek Glass Polish

Glass Wax is now manufactured by Gel-Gloss! Also known as NoStreek Glass Polish.

Amazing Glass Wax / NoStreek Glass Polish cleans & polishes in one convenient, easy application - keeping the promise that ordinary spray cleaners cannot. Use NoStreek for superior finishes on all glass, chrome and metal surfaces. Fantastic on mirrors too! A true professional grade polish, NoStreek cleans cleaner & shines better - and works harder on hard water spots. It works even in direct sunlight.

8 oz. liquid.

Glass Wax / NoStreek Glass Polish NS-8$3.87

Click to enlargeRemember using Glass Wax for Christmas window decorations?Helen H. from Columbia MD wrote: I got it and I tried it out, and it worked just fine! I've attached a photo of the window I decorated. I used food coloring to make the colors. I put a little of the No-Streek Glass Polish (about 2 tablespoons) in a shallow bowl and used a dampened sponge to daub it on the window.. The stuff looks green-ish, but when it dries on the window it's white. I did the white bits of the picture first. Then I made a green batch and did the green bits. Then I made a red batch and made the red bits.

To make the colors, I followed the guidlines on the food coloring box for proportions, and cut down the amount because I wasn't frosting a whole cake, just tinting a few tablespoons.

For cleanup, I just rinsed the bowl and sponge in the sink, and ran the water for a few minutes longer to make sure the stuff had washed through the pipes.

I haven't tried to actually clean my windows yet, but I reckon that will work out just fine!

I will be ordering a larger bottle soon:)


Glass Wax / NoStreek Glass Polish

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