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Quietex Door Bumpers

The World's Best Cabinet door Bumper!

The Quietex™ Bumper is a sound and vibration dampening clear bumper. This revolutionary urethane bumper was designed to significantly reduce the noise of cabinet and vanity door closings. The sound dampening materials used for this bumper, combined with the physical design, softens the remaining sound by trapping it within the bumper. It is the ideal choice for cabinet and vanity doors where sound and vibration dampening properties are desirable and long life is required. The Quietex™ Bumper significantly outperformed every other bumper on the market in laboratory tests. There is a Patent Pending on the Quietex™ Bumper.

These bumpers make such a difference, you will want to change all of the bumpers on your cabinets, even if they are brand new.

Ms. E.M. from Brighton MI. says: "We used the bumpers from our first order and are VERY happy with the results. Can't wait to get all of the bumpers on our newly painted cabinets and drawers. Thank you for a great product!"

QT4066 is .50" diameter and .197" high. 50 bumpers per sheet.

Price is $4.99 per sheet.

Made in the USA.

Quietex Door Bumpers QT$4.99

Send a self addressed stamped 9 1/2" x 4" envelope to this address and we'll send you a free sample to test on your own cabinets.

Quietex Door Bumpers

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